Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A Few Snap Conversions and Some Baking

Been busy recently - here are some snap conversions I've done. These were all very sad looking velcro Bumgenius pockets, I used my Kam Snap Pliers to bring them back to life. If you're interested in having your nappies converted, let me know over at my new Facebook page for Little Jar Of Buttons.

Four artist prints.

Ribbit and Moonbeam looking very refreshed!

Grasshopper and Clementine.

Noodle with pastel snaps (one of my favourites!) and Bubble, using offical BG Bubble snaps.

Blossom and Zininia.

Butternut and Sassy, both done with offical BG snaps.

I've also been busy baking, a little passion of mine. I'm slowly getting better at decorating too. This is my first attempt at making and using royal icing, and it turned out really well.

Aren't these the prettiest cupcakes?

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Adventures with Squid - Sunshine in Scotland

Scotland is such a beautiful place in the summer time - it's also pretty damn good in the winter too. But nothing beats a simple picnic with a toddler in the warm sunshine.

Getting ready to set off - followed by the ever obedient Car the dog. Yes, his pull along dog is called Car...

We crossed bridges...

We ate homemade ginger cake and cheese sandwiches...

We paddled in the little stream...

We threw pinecones for the dog to fetch...

And we threw pinecones and rocks in the water...

We do an awful lot of TLW (that's Toddler Led Walking if you don't know). This involves letting Squid set the pace, the destination and the direction of the walk. When he is tired, we sit. When he is hungry, we eat. Sometimes we end up crouched under trees, or driving the buggy through puddles, or counting cars in the car park. It's slow (and sometimes boring for me, I won't lie!), but he really loves our little simple walks.